Edith E Potter - 1868 Beadwork and Tapestry


The Fort Street Foundation recently acquired a wonderful piece of Fortian history.

A antique hand-made beadwork and tapestry sampler set in an original frame made in 1869 by Edith E Potter, then a 13 year student at Fort Street School. The sampler features glass work, wool tapestry and petit-point as well some other kinds of embroidery stitches.The sheep has a small glass eye with the main body mady up of natural fleece wool used to give a raised 3-D effect.

The beautiful tapestry has a few patches of moth damage while the wooden frame has age-related fine cracks. The embroidery although aged - is not faded and appears quite clean given its age.The original canvas backing is still intact with a small inscription on the lower left had side of the frame.  

This is a wonderful piece of history from the early years of our school.

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