School Council

The Fort Street High School Council is the governance body with responsibility for determining the broad policies of the School. The Council is comprised of representatives from all sections of the school community. 

School Council Meetings

School Council meets at 6pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the Fortian Room during term.   All members of the school community are invited to attend.

School Council  2017

Dr Kathy Esson         Chair and Representative of the wider community  
Roslynne Moxham Principal
John Ockwell Staff Representative
Rebecca Cameron Staff Representative
Justin Boyle Staff Representative
Lai Heng Foong Community Representative
Jenny Curtis Parent Representative
Jane Bell Parent Representative
Rebecca Thompson Parent Representative
Don Newby Fortians Union and Foundation Representative     
Ethel Talty P&C Representative
Alex Coombs SRC Representative
Cole Johnson   SRC Representative
Yasmin Kirk Student Representative
Jules Davies Executive Officer (

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The School Council Constitution

To view the School Council Constitution (PDF format) click here.


Policy on an Inclusive School Community

To view the School Council Policy on an Inclusive School Community (PDF Format) Click Here.

School News
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