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Fortians Union

History & Role

The Fortians Union was formed by the amalgamation of the Fort Street Old Boys' Union and the Fort Street Old Girls' Union. The older of the two was the Old Boys' Union which was formed in 1894. The Union’s aims, as stated in the Fortians Union Constitution are:

To promote amongst its members social fellowship

To render assistance to the Fort Street High School

To encourage generally appreciation of the traditions of Fort Street

Any person who has been a Fort Street student for a year is eligible to join the Fortians Union.

The Fortians Union holds an annual dinner every year on the third Friday in October and actively encourages all former students to hold their year group reunions at this event, which is generally held in a city venue. This event is the main fundraiser for the Union.

Office Holders


George Jaksic 

Vice-President Female

Tamsin Calder 

Vice-President Male



Peter Dixon 


Don Newby 

Commitee Members 

Oliver Coutts, Terry Glebe, Patricia Morson

School Council Representative

Don Newby 

Foundation Representative 

George Jaksic 

Honorary Auditor

Robert Vine 

Honorary Solicitor

Tom Halpert

*The Fortians Union is also represented on the Fort Street High School Council and Foundation

The Secretary can be contacted by one of the following methods: 
E-mail: newbyd@email.cs.nsw.gov.au
Mail: P O BOX N1 Petersham North NSW 2049
Phone: (02) 9798 8882 (H)  (02) 9515 9469 (W) 
Fax: (02) 9515 9440 

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