Permission forms and notes

  • Permission forms for upcoming excursions and forms for activities on school grounds are available to parents and students. Please navigate to the left hand column where you will see the heading "Permission Forms".
  • Excursions and other school notes have been listed for easy referencing.
  • There is a short description of each event, followed by a link to a copy of the permission slip or note.
  • Kindly ensure that the permission slips are returned to the teachers stated on the permission slips.
  • Payments can be made at the Front Office before school, at recess and at lunch times only.  
  • For all refunds, students need to provide a letter from the teacher responsible for the event, stating that the student was not at the excursion or incursion. This letter needs to be handed into the School Administration Manager and a refund cheque will be posted to the student's parents or carer.


School News
Sorry, there are no events scheduled for the coming week.
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