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Year 7 2014 Fortunae Program

Fortunae is designed as a foundational program for Year 7 to assist students to settle into high school. The Year 7 Adviser and Assistant Year 7 Adviser will lead Fortunae classes this year and it’s always a great opportunity for Year 7 students to get to know these staff members.

On the first day Year 7 students enter the school they view a play Cyber Shorts presented by Bamboo Theatre Company and participate in a workshop on cybersafety. In Term 2, Year 7 students explore Digital Citizenship and develop skills in becoming cyber safe and protecting their identities.

In the Term 1 Fortunae program Year 7 students are led by Year 11 Peer Support leaders through a range of exciting activities which assist and support Year 7 students in starting high school.

Activities focus on getting to know the school grounds, staff and students and the people they can turn to for help. Students explore the history of the school, the school houses and school traditions. Students develop skills in team building, time management, organisation for multiple subjects and homework planning. Some units such as an Introduction to Tournament of the Minds are designed by the Peer Support leaders.

In Term 2, Year 7 students will develop skills in becoming digital citizens by engaging in the Digital Citizenship program. This program was developed by the Department of Education and Communities and in consultation with a number of leading cybersafety organisations. Students will explore growing up online, protecting reputations and strategies to prevent identity theft, cyber bullying and balancing screen time. Students will also gain an understanding of the legislation about being digital citizens.

In Term 3, Year 7 students will engage in a project that asks them to develop an understanding of another student’s life experience. This involves working with a partner who they will share stories with, developing a presentation about their partner and then presenting their work to the school community. This activity is also designed to support students to develop their literacy skills.

The presentation will be called A Day in the Life of… and will communicate the experiences of the student’s partner. It will celebrate their individuality, inform others about things that make this person unique and reveal the things that the grade shares in common.

The concept and planning of this unit was developed by Fortunae teachers in consultation with the SARN team.

In Term 4 students will develop a class magazine to reflect their experiences of starting high school and the journey they have taken over the year across subjects and including reflections on the many co curricular programs they have also engaged in such as Year 7 Camp, Peer Support, Fortune and enrichment activities. This activity is also designed to improve their literacy across subjects.

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